About us

We have developed an innovative process for managing the marketing, sales and transaction completion of our clients’ yachts. The process minimizes false-starts, surprises and aborted deals. It is the single most important thing that sets us apart from almost all other yacht sales groups.

It’s often very difficult to balance buyers’ and sellers’ expectations and bring a transaction to a successful closing. We take what we do very seriously and it shows. Ask any of our many, many satisfied clients and you’ll find a common refrain, that we know what we’re doing and that we strive continuously to structure balanced transactions that stay together and yield both a buyer and a seller happy enough to be references for us.

Market Innovators

Our goal is to turn the conventional wisdom on its head. Just because ‘it’s the way things have been done for 20 years’, doesn’t mean that it continues to serve yacht owners and those interested in the yachting lifestyle. So once again, we have developed a business model that goes beyond the ‘normal’, that seeks to enhance value for all involved.

Yes, we subscribe to the global Multiple Listing Services for yachts and make the standard marketing channels, but we go way beyond that, utilizing the newest tools to evangelize the message about our clients’ yachts to the widest audience of qualified purchasers. We use new technology methods of getting out the word about the yachts that we represent, with innovative relationship development strategies, dynamic technology marketing displays, trust-based marketing and other more top-secret strategies.